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Various painters


The revellers (celebrators) often like to engage in festivities and have great fun.

Os foliões gostam de se divertir com mais ou menos frequência.

Jan Massys ou Metsys (1509-1575) - ‘merry company’ - oil on panel-1562

Jan Sanders van Hemessen (ca 1500-ca 1566) - ‘merry company’ - oil on panel-ca 1544     Berlin-Gemäldegalerie

Simon Vos (1603-1676) – ‘merrymakers in an inn’ - oil on copper-ca 1639     Mount Vernon-Walters Art Museum

Willem Peterszoon Buytewech (ca 1591-1624) - ‘merry company’ - oil on canvas-ca 1620     Rotterdam-Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Jacob Duck (ca 1600-1677) - ‘merry company’ - oil on panel-ca 1540     Nimes - Musée des Beaux-Arts


James Francis Danby

The British artist James Francis Danby (1816-1875) painted his favourite places of his homeland.

O britânico James Francis Danby (1816-1875) pintou locais da sua ilha.

James Francis Danby (1816-1875)-‘Caernavon castle at sunset’-oil on canvas-1855     Cragside-National Trust

James Francis Danby (1816-1875)-‘Hastings’-oil on canvas     London-Fenton House National Trust

James Francis Danby (1816-1875)-‘Loch Fyne with Inverary castle from south west’-oil on canvas-1852     Sunderland-Museum and Winter Gardens

James Francis Danby (1816-1875)-‘Port of London, Greenwich Palace’-oil on canvas-1871     London-Government Art Collection

James Francis Danby (1816-1875)-‘the Thames at sunset’-oil on canvas-1869     Oxford (University)-Anon I and II Colleges



The Dutch used the word kermess (kirmess, fair, festival) for parish parties.

Os holandeses utilizavam a palavra quermesse para
designar as festas paroquiais.

Pieter Gysels (1621-1690) - ‘village kermesse with a horse’ - oil on copper     Private collection

Pieter Balten (1526-1584)- ‘kermesse’     Budapest-Szepmuveszeti Muzeum

Marten van Cleve (1527-1581) - ‘St George’s day’- oil on canvas     Private collection

Lucas van Valckenborch (ca 1535-1597) - ‘a village kermesse’ - oil on canvas-1572

Flemish School (17th century) - ‘the kermesse of St George’s day’ - oil on canvas


People by Charles Frederic Ulrich

The American artist Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908) painted people in a variety of situations.

O norte-americano Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908) pintou pessoas em diversas situações.

Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908)-‘the glass engraver’-oil on board-1883     Bentonville (Ark.)-Crystal Bridges Art Museum

Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908)-‘Italian idyll’-oil on panel      Private collection

Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908)-‘moment musicale’-oil on panel-1883     San Francisco-Fine Arts Museums

Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908)-‘the village printing shop, Haarlem, Holland’-oil on panel-1884     Chicago-Terra Foundation for American Art

Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908)-‘an old fire-place granny’-oil on panel-1882     Philadelphia-Museum of Art


Ireland by William Ashford

The Irish artist William Ashford (1746-1824) painted themes of his homeland.

O irlandês William Ashford (1746-1824) pintou temas da sua terra.

William Ashford (1746-1824)-‘Belan House country Kildare’-oil on canvas-1780     Michigan (University)-Museum of Art

William Ashford (1746-1824)-‘Clogh Oughter castle’-oil on canvas     Cavan-County Museum

William Ashford (1746-1824)-‘a view of Killarney with passage to the Upper lake’-oil on canvas-1779     Private collection

William Ashford (1746-1824)-‘Dublin from Phoenix Park’-oil on canvas-1797     Private collection

William Ashford (1746-1824)-‘Ashford castle ward, the classical front’-oil on canvas-1786     Castle Ward-National Trust         


In the field by Albert Bellows

The American artist Albert Fitch Bellows (1829-1893) painted themes related to country fields.

O norte-americano Albert Fitch Bellows (1829-1893) pintou temas relacionados com o campo.

Albert Fitch Bellows (1829-1893)-‘the departure of the regiment’--oil on canvas-1864     Private collection

Albert Fitch Bellows (1829-1893)-‘the ferry landing’--oil on canvas     Private collection

Albert Fitch Bellows (1829-1893)-‘the harvest’-watercolour     Private collection

Albert Fitch Bellows (1829-1893)-‘an inn by the ocean’--oil on canvas     Private collection

Albert Fitch Bellows (1829-1893)-‘Summer day by the river’--oil on canvas     Private collection


Dutch by David Artz

The Dutch artist David Adolphe Constant Artz (1832-1890) painted scenes of his contemporaries.

O holandês David Adolph Constant Artz (1832-1890) pintou cenas dos seus contemporâneos.

David Adolph Constant Artz (1832-1890)-‘the sewing class’-oil on canvas     Private collection

David Adolph Constant Artz (1832-1890)-‘a joyful ride’-oil on canvas-1876     Private collection

David Adolph Constant Artz (1832-1890)-‘awaiting father’s homecoming’-oil on canvas     Private collection

David Adolph Constant Artz (1832-1890)-‘coming from church’-oil on canvas-1874     Glasgow-Museums Resource Centre

David Adolph Constant Artz (1832-1890)-‘the first step’-oil on canvas     Private collection


English life by Joseph van Aken

The Belgian artist Joseph van Aken (1699-1749) showed aspects of English life.

O belga Joseph van Aken (1699-1749) mostrou aspetos da vida inglesa.

Joseph van Aken (1699-1749)-‘Covent Garden Piazza and market, London’ - oil on canvas-ca 1730     London-Museum

Joseph van Aken (1699-1749)-‘Old Covent Garden’-oil on canvas-ca 1730     London-Gouvernment Art Collection

Joseph van Aken (1699-1749)-‘the old Stocks Market’-oil on canvas     London-Bank of England Museum

Joseph van Aken (1699-1749)-‘lesson at the Vicarage’-
oil on canvas     Private collection

Joseph van Aken (1699-1749)-‘saying grace’-oil on canvas-1720     Oxford-Ashmolean Museum


Women by Randolph Caldecott

Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886) represented women in various situations

Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886) representou mulheres em diversas situações.

Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886)-‘May Day’-oil on canvas     Manchester-Art Gallery

Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886)-‘the girl I left behind Me’-oil on canvas     Manchester-Art Gallery

Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886)-‘Monaco’-oil on panel-1877     Sheffield-City Art Galleries

Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886)-‘the fruit seller’-oil on canvas      Whitchurch-Heritage Centre

Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886)-‘the recognition’-oil on canvas-1875     Whitchurch-Heritage Centre


Snowy scenes by Louis Apol

The Dutch artist Louis Apol (1850-1936) painted winter scenes with snow.

O holandês Louis Apol (1850-1936) pintou invernos com neve.

Louis Apol (1850-1936)-‘a cottage in a snowy landscape’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Louis Apol (1850-1936)-‘a snowy lane with a bridge acroos a stream’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Louis Apol (1850-1936)-‘landscape with horses pulling a waggon’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Louis Apol (1850-1936)-‘a church in a snowy covered landscape’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Louis Apol (1850-1936)-‘wood gatherers on a country lane in winter’-watercolor     Private collection

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