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Snow and trees by Y. I. Zyablov

The Russian artist Yaroslav Igorevich Zyablov (1977-) painted trees in snowy areas.

O russo Yaroslav Igorevich Zyablov (1977- ) pintou árvores em zonas com neve.

Yaroslav Igorevich Zyablov (1977- )-‘a sudden overflow’

Yaroslav Igorevich Zyablov (1977- )-‘the birch grove’

Yaroslav Igorevich Zyablov (1977- )-‘Ramenskoye’

Yaroslav Igorevich Zyablov (1977- )-‘December’

Yaroslav Igorevich Zyablov (1977- )-‘flowing strean’


Russians by A. I. Korzukhin

The Russian artist Alexei Ivanovich Kozhukhin (1835-1894) painted themes about his country.

O russo Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin (1835-1894) pintou temas do seu país.

Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin (1835-1894)-‘before the confession’-oil on canvas-1877     Moscow-Tretyakov Gallery

Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin (1835-1894)-‘the monastery hotel’-oil on canvas-1882     Moscow-Tretyakov Gallery

Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin (1835-1894)-‘girls’ party’-oil on canvas-1889     St Petersburg-Russian Museum

Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin (1835-1894)-‘the departure’-oil on canvas-1878     Moscow-Tretyakov Gallery

Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin (1835-1894)-‘at the cemetery’-oil on canvas-1865     St Petersburg-Russian Museum


Prussian navy by A. Kircher

The German artist Alexander Kircher (1867-1939) represented warships of the Prussian navy.

O germânico Alexander Kircher (1867-1939) representou barcos de guerra da armada prussiana.

Alexander Kircher (1867-1939)-‘attack of the Prussian corvette Augusta in 1870’-lithograph

Alexander Kircher (1867-1939)-‘Prussian navy’-oil on canvas-ca 1939

Alexander Kircher (1867-1939)-‘SMS  Sankt Georg’

Alexander Kircher (1867-1939)-‘squadron drill of SMS Kronprinz Enzherzog Rudolf’-oil on canvas-1890

Alexander Kircher (1867-1939)-‘harbour at Rolandmühle’-1829


Prospectors by A, del Orient Browere

The North-American artist Albertus del Orient Browere (1814-1887) painted miners.

O norte-americano Albertus del Orient Browere (1814-1887) pintou mineiros.

Albertus del Orient Browere (1814-1887)-‘the mines of Placerville’

Albertus del Orient Browere (1814-1887)-‘Rip van Winckle’

Albertus del Orient Browere (1814-1887)-‘gold miners’

Albertus del Orient Browere (1814-1887)-‘the lone prospector’-1853

Albertus del Orient Browere (1814-1887)-‘the junction of Bowery and Broadway in New York’


Muslim countries by H. Sattler

The Austrian artist Hubert Sattler (1817-1904) painted motifs of Muslim countries.

O austríaco Hubert Sattler (1817-1904) pintou motivos de países muçulmanos.

Hubert Sattler (1817-1904)-‘Mekka Kaaba’-1897  

Hubert Sattler (1817-1904)-‘Constantinople from the Fire Tower of Beyazit’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Hubert Sattler (1817-1904)-‘the Colossi of Memnon in Egypt’-1846     Salzburg-Museum   

Hubert Sattler (1817-1904)-‘Abu Simbel’     Salzburg-Museum

After Hubert Sattler (1817-1904)-‘Panorama view of Constantinople’-oil on canvas


Months by H. Sebald Beham

The German artist Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550) created engravings of the peasants’ monthly parties.

O germânico Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550) executou gravuras das festas mensais dos camponeses.

Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550)-‘January-February’-engraving on paper-ca 1546     Private collection

Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550)-‘March-April’-engraving on paper-ca 1546     Private collection

Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550)-‘Mai-June’-engraving on paper-ca 1546     Private collection

Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550)-‘July-August’-engraving on paper-ca 1546     Private collection

Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550)-‘September-October’-engraving on paper-ca 1546     Private collection


Madrid, Hercules 12 labors

Roman mosaic (opus tessellatum) found en Valencia (Spain), dated from 201-250 AD, exhibited in Madrid at the National Archaeological Museum.

Mosaico romano (opus tessellatum) encontrado em Valência (Espanha), datado de 201-250 AD, exposto em Madrid no Museu Arqueológico Nacional.

Hercules and the Lenearn Hydra

Hercules capturing the Cretan Bull

Hercules stealing the Golden Apple from the Gardeh of

Hercules fighting the Nemean Lion

Mosaic of the Twelve Labors of Hercules


German sites by A. Schwendy

The German artist Albert Schwendy (1820-1902) painted places of his country.

O germânico Albert Schwendy (1820-1902) pintou locais do seu país.

Albert Schwendy (1820-1902)-‘the Market Square, Leipzig’-oil on canvas-1882     Ciudad de México-Museo Soumaya

Albert Schwendy (1820-1902)-‘views of the Royal Mills on Mühlendamm after the Long Bridge in Berlin’-oil on canvas-1850     St Petersburg-Hermitage

Albert Schwendy (1820-1902)-‘view of Goslar’-oil on oak panel-1870

Albert Schwendy (1820-1902)-‘market day’-oil on panel-1888     Private collection

Albert Schwendy (1820-1902)-‘view of Frauenkirche, Nünberg’-1856


Flowers by Juan de Arellano

The Spanish artist Juan de Arellano (1614-1676) painted bouquets of flowers.

O espanhol Juan de Arellano (1614-1676) pintou ramos de flores.

Juan de Arellano (1614-1676)-‘a wicker basket with flowers’     Private collection

Juan de Arellano (1614-1676) - ‘basket of flowers’-oil on canvas-1652     Madrid-Museo del Prado

Juan de Arellano (1614-1676) - ‘basket of flowers’-oil on canvas-ca 1671     Private collection

Juan de Arellano (1614-1676) - ‘basket of flowers’-oil on canvas-1671     Bilbao-Museo de Bellas Artes

Juan de Arellano (1614-1676) - ‘basket of flowers’-oil on canvas-1670     Madrid-Museo del Prado


Figures by William Collins

Figures were the working topics of the British artist William Collins (1788-1847).

As figuras foram temas do britânico William Collins (1788-1847).

William Collins (1788-1847)-‘a country kitchen’-oil on paper-1811     London-Victoria & Albert Museum

William Collins (1788-1847)-‘the skittle play’-1832     Private collection

William Collins (1788-1847)-‘the cherry seller’-oil on canvas.1824     Bury-Art Museum

William Collins (1788-1847)-‘figures by a cottage in an extended wooded landscape’-oil on canvas

William Collins (1788-1847)-‘frost scene’-oil on canvas-1827     New Haven-Yale Centre for British Art