Saturday, 8 July 2017

Windsor and Kensington in arts

Presence Chamber, Kensington Palace

Queen's Drawing Room, Windsor Castle

North Front, Windsor Castle

Upper Ward, Windsor Castle

King's Great Drawing Room

Queen's State Bedchamber, Windsor Castle

Queen's Presence Chamber, Windsor Castle

King's Drawing Room, Windsor Castle

King's Closet, Kensington Palace

Old Dining Room, Kensington Palace

Queen Caroline's Drawing Room, Kensington Palace

Queen's Bed Chamber, Kensington Palace

Royal Chapel, Windsor Castle

St. George's Hall, Windsor Castle

King's Presence Chamber, Windsor Castle

Ballroom, Windsor Castle

Cupola Room, Kensington Palace

Queen's Guard Chamber, Windsor Castle

Old Guard Chamber, Round Tower, Windsor Castle

Queen's Audience Chamber, Windsor Castle

King's Guard Chamber, Windsor Castle

Ancient Kitchen, Windsor Castle

Quadrangle, Hampton Court

St. James's Palace

Carlton House, North Front

Carlton House, South Front

Buckingham House

Hampton Court Palace

Crimson Drawing Room, Carlton House

Second Drawing Room, Buckingham House

Queen's Breakfast Room, Buckingham House

Japan Room, Frogmore

King's Library, Buckingham House

King's Library, Buckingham House

Queen's Library, St. James's

Kitchen, St. James's Palace

Rose Satin Drawing Room, Carlton House

Drawing Room, Buckingham House

West Ante Room, Carlton House

Green Closet, Buckingham House

Ante Chamber, Carlton House

Saloon, Buckingham House

Dining Room, Frogmore

Ante Room, Carlton House

Ante Room, Carlton House

Vestibule, Carlton House

Queen's Levee Room, St. James's

Second Presence Chamber, Hampton Court

Guard Chamber, St. James's

Guard Chamber, Hampton Court

Conservatory, Carlton House

Chapel, Hampton Court

Conservatory, Carlton House

Choir of St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

Grand Staircase

St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

Great Staircase, Kensington Palace

Staircase, Buckingham House

Queen Mary's State Bedchamber, Hampton Court

Queen Ann's Bed, Windsor Castle

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