Sunday, 4 September 2016

Joseph Burgess

 Joseph Burgess.

The Wedding Shop

The Attic

Victorian Spring - Busy Town Center

Visiting the Mansion

Dorothy's Busy Intersection

Honey's Emporium

Lockrie Manor

The Top of Bay Street

Mary's General Store

Pauline's General Store

The 21st Street General

Gloria Rose General Store

Frank's Hardware (Main Streets)

A Peaceful Ride

Fence Steps Cottage

Path to West Arbor

Spring Awakening

Colors of Spring

Brilliant Balloons

Eastern Bluebird Water Well

A Baseball Time of Year

Girl's Clubhouse

Lakeside Cottage

Neighborhood Lemonade Stand

Summer Planting Shed

Garden Planting

Welcome to the Neighborhood

The Boy's Team

The Tool Shed

Wanna Play?

Countryside Cottage

Home at the End of the Day

Double Cross

McTigue's Horses

Fresh Fruits and Flowers

Golden Glory

Amish Schoolyard

Boys Tree House

Farmland Football

Bird Watching

Delaying the Iron Horse

To the Sea

Golden Glory

Freshly Painted


4H Fair

The Corner Grocery

Ice Cream Parlor

The Doll Doctor

The Fly Maker

The Library

Stitched with Love

Pap Pap's Tool Shed

Grandpa's Shed

Cottage Kitchen

Country Kitchen

Dog Gone Good Cookies

Nana's Kitchen

Duke, Pies, & Whiskers


Grandma's Craft Room


Quilter's Helpers

Agnes' Corner Shop

One Snowy Day

Snowy Winter Deligh

Christmas Eve

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